UIDAI expands Aadhaar to vulnerable children living in Delhi

Children living on the streets of Delhi have now fallen under the UIDAI’s purview, as the Authority looks to expand its Aadhaar number distribution.

Reported in the Times of India, it was originally thought that the new distribution applied only to institutionalized orphaned children, but senior officials have confirmed that this applies to all vulnerable children, including those living on the streets.

Now, says the Times report, NGOs working with children at railway stations and on the streets can endorse them at the time of enrollment.

Reported previously, the UIDAI recently launched three new Aadhaar services and has also announced the opening of 300 additional permanent enrolment centers in India.

In addition, the fourth phase of the Aadhaar program has been approved by the Cabinet Committee on the UIDAI. This most recent fourth phase aims to enroll another 400 million people.

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