Delfigo Security files patent applications for mobile authentication

June 6, 2013 - 

Delfigo Security has filed for United States Patent protection for a system of optical cognition and visual authentication and authorization for mobile devices.

According to the company, this new approach brings together the world of brain and cognitive science with the realm of devices and mobile technologies in order to enable humans globally to access their online accounts and mobile apps safely and securely without the use of a physical touch to their smartphones, or other mobile devices.

“One of British writer Arthur C. Clarke’s laws of predictions says that ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ When you combine what was once just science fiction with what is now possible you get a powerful solution to help solve the unique and true identity of a mobile user when accessing their private data and online accounts” Delfigo’s Chief Innovation Officer and CEO Ralph A. Rodriguez said. “Technology providers are sadly still focused on the Dark Ages where they think having physical access to your device is good enough, or worse yet, they believe the solution of creating massive complexity using PINs or new widgets will help in protecting users.  This is a flawed strategy as people everywhere want a simple solution to validate themselves like DNA did for other fields of science.”

Reported previously, Delfigo Security recently filed a utility patent based on identification through keystroke of mobile-touch biometrics.

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