LaserLock plans VerifyMe app expansion

July 17, 2013 - 

LaserLock Technologies has just announced the expansion of its VerifyMe brand for the coming months.

Specifically, says the company, LaserLock is planning to launch two new VerifyMe products. The first is an advanced, paid app that incorporates facial recognition for secure logins, set to launch in September. This VerifyMe system is built on something you know, something you are and something you have for authentication. When a user puts in their gesture swipe (something they know), the API will simultaneously perform a biometric scan (something they are) and  a geo-location tag (something they have).

“LaserLock is excited to launch this new phase of our VerifyMe brand,” Neil Alpert, CEO of LaserLock Technologies said. “We are sure that VerifyMe is a powerful, secure and simple to use alternative to traditional passwords – which are no longer the best way to protects one’s online identity.”

The second VerfyMe product is aimed at web developers and incorporates geo-location into the login process, providing individual users with a higher level of authentication and corporate users with a much more secure form of identification.

“We believe that VerifyM has a huge potential to change the way people protect their identities on the Internet and on their mobile devices,” Michael R. Sonnenreich, Chairman of the Board said. “Its strong, multi-factor authentication and its simple use make it the ideal technology to replace the currently compromised system of usernames and passwords.”

Reported previously, LaserLock recently unveiled a separate system powered by its VerifyMe platform to verify the age of players on internet gaming platforms.

The company’s original mobile app was launched in March and uses a color-based, gesture swipe feature for access control. This app is currently available in the iTunes iOS App store.



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