Medical college in India pens proposal for universal biometric verification

July 19, 2013 - 

A medical college in India has struggled to ensure that its students are who they say they are, and that’s why it’s proposed that biometric verification be introduced widely across the country’s medical education institutions.

Authorities from the Ganesh Shanker Vidyarthi Memorial medical College in Kampur have sent the proposal to the director general medical education, following the discovery of a number of ‘impostors’ at the school, the Times of India reports.

Specifically, in March of this year, the school discovered three students who weren’t present for entrance exams. Someone else came to write the test for them.

According to the report, if the director general approves the proposal and moves ahead with the biometric integration, students will have to go through a biometric verification process throughout their time at the medical colleges, but also during admissions.

India has adopted biometric attendance systems and workforce management systems for its schools faster than any other region reported on in What sets this new proposal apart is that it is for identity verification, rather than attendance confirmation.

As of yet, it is unclear how this system will be received by students and the medical colleges as a whole, but school deployments aren’t always met with optimism.

Responding to pressure from labor, Delhi University has not implemented a biometric workforce management system, as has been mandated by the government. As a result, The Delhi High Court has recently issued a contempt notice to the university. recently investigated the debate around biometrics in schools, in particular, for cafeteria payment systems. 

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