Morpho receives Common Criteria Certification for spoof detection

July 2, 2013 - 

Morpho has just achieved Common Criteria certification for fingerprint spoof detection in a biometric device.

Specifically, the company’s MorphoSmart Optic 301 fingerprint reader received the certification from German certification body BSI.

According to the company, the reader uses a patent technology which analyzes specific features of the human skin to detect and reject spoofing attacks.

“With the wide deployment of biometrics and the rise in identity fraud, Morpho has been advocating the need for rigorous evaluation of anti-spoofing devices. Being the first in the world to achieve this certification is therefore a major milestone for us,” Philippe Petitcolin, Morpho Chairman and CEO said.

Reported previously, Morpho recently delivered biometric voter ID cards for Mali’s July 28 election, though instability in the country has complicated the organization of the election and the UN has stepped in to help deliver the cards.

Spoofing attacks are a major concern for the biometrics community. In March, a Brazilian doctor was charged with fraud after she was caught using silicone fingers to clock absent co-workers in to work.   

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