Frost & Sullivan praises BIO-key International for fingerprint authentication

August 12, 2013 - 

BIO-key International has just announced that it has been recognized with the 2013 North America Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership.

“BIO-key software infrastructure is such that it can be easily accessed from any device that has an Internet connection and a supported fingerprint reader,” Frost & Sullivan Senior Research Analyst Nandini Bhattacharya said. “This capability of the architecture makes BIO-key solutions unique and extremely suitable for all types of commercial and government applications.”

“The BIO-key solutions are designed to perform seamlessly on the Internet, cloud, and traditional networks, while simultaneously being able to stand alone. This uniqueness of strategy has helped BIO-key increase its customer base over the years,” Bhattacharya said. “Its tremendous track record, in both the government and commercial sectors, has stoked business growth in recent years.”

Last week BIO-key announced its accelerated biometric index searches that it says are not only faster, but also more accurate and inexpensive. According to the company, initial tests of the new accelerated architecture show speed results of several million matches per second on a typical PC.

“We are thrilled to be recognized with the 2013 North America Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership. This is yet another validation of our core technology and our strategy to provide near-ubiquitous biometric security solutions for local and cloud authentication,” Mike DePasquale, BIO-key CEO said. “As ‘high-value’ mobility applications such as mobile payments and banking begin to flood the market and fingerprint-capable mobile devices become available, multi-factor security that is user-friendly will be a mandate for consumers. We believe that risk-based security architectures will require both ‘on device’ and ‘in the cloud’ solutions, and we are well positioned along with our partners to provide the highest-quality finger biometric solutions available.”

Reported previously, Frost & Sullivan recently posted a statement in favor of mobile biometric systems, arguing the industry must focus on payment security and biometric technology represents the best avenue for this focus.

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