BI2 Technologies gets iris identification contract for D.C. Department of Corrections

September 19, 2013 - 

BI2 Technologies has announced that it’s just been awarded a contract for its iris biometric technologies at the Washington, D.C. Department of Corrections.

“We are honored and pleased to have been selected by the Washington, D.C. Department of Corrections (DCDOC) to implement our Inmate Recognition and Identification System and Mobile Offender Recognition and Information System,” Sean G. Mullin, president and CEO of BI2 Technologies said.

The company’s Inmate Recognition and Identification System (IRIS) is designed for correctional facilities and features applications for both booking enrollment as well as access control through iris recognition. Iris recognition is increasingly being used in prisons, as it is an easy way to identify inmates without having to unshackle.

The Mobile Offender Recognition and Information System (MORIS) is a handheld device based on the iPhone that has multi-modal support for iris, face and fingerprint recognition.

Iris recognition is quickly gaining traction in the industry, and in fact, the FBI’s NGI program will soon include a pilot test of the technology for consideration as a new identification modality. Though its inclusion has not yet been confirmed, the agency could very well appeal to the White House for funding to include iris in the program if its tests are successful.

In fact, BI2’s MORIS device was certified by the FBI last year for its fingerprint module.

NIST also recently issued an update to its standard specification PIV Card, which now includes the use of iris alone, or in conjunction with fingerprints.

This new standard was long anticipated and comes shortly after a long-term study was published by NIST which found that iris is a stable biometric modality, not affected over time by aging eyes.

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