Fingerprint Cards gets design win for smartphone to be launched by US provider

September 4, 2013 - 

Fingerprint Cards has received another design win from another of its existing Asian OEM customers, but this time it’s for a new smartphone scheduled to be launched by a top US operator in the first quarter of 2014.

“This design win is another milestone for our company. The first two market launches of our swipe sensor technology have been for operators in Japan and Korea,” Johan Carlström, CEO of FPC said. “This latest DW is for a smartphone being launched by a top US operator, and we are proud that this important and innovative feature is being requested by a leading player in one of the world’s principal markets. The latest DW is a result of the strong market recognition we are receiving for our world-class product quality and dedicated customer support.”

As we’ve reported extensively over the past year, Fingerprint Cards has seen immense growth in Asian smartphone markets, landing many new design wins and most recently, smartphone launches with embedded sensors.

Most recently, Pantech launched its flagship Vega LTE-A IM-A880S smartphonewith a FPC sensor to the Korean market. 

Also, Fujitsu and Japanese mobile provider DoCoMo recently launched a Disney-branded smartphone with a Fingerprint Cards swipe sensor embedded on the back. As Carlström notes, this is the first official launch with an FPC sensor.

Also, the company recently received its biggest production order to date – 3.1 million swipe sensors – again for the Asian mobile market. This order is set to be delivered immediately and will be used for both smartphones and tablets.

“Due to its world-leading capacitive fingerprint technology, image quality and lower power consumption, FPC has now further strengthened its world-leading position in fingerprint sensors for mobile phones and tablets. We expect to secure additional multiple DWs with both new and existing customers during the remainder of 2013 and beyond.”

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