Kid-Print outlines sensor-less mobile fingerprint capture app for parents, plans December launch

September 24, 2013 - 

Using the same optical technology designed to track defense missiles, a rocket scientist by the name of Brian Barsamian has developed Kid-Print, a mobile app that allows parents to create high-resolution fingerprint IDs for the entire family.

Here’s the catch – Barsamian’s technology doesn’t use an embedded sensor. Instead, it uses existing smartphone cameras, and digitally increases image resolution to create usable files for law enforcement.

“The complexity of child safety issues facing parents and law enforcement is terrifying,” Barsamian said. “I realized I could bring a substantial amount of the cutting technology used in the aerospace industry to these problems, and make a real difference.”

Barsamian brokered a licensing deal with several different aerospace technology development companies, which allowed him to pioneer the app that drives the high-resolution Kid-Print digital fingerprint scanner. The app is not available yet, but will be launched in the iTunes and Google Play app stores in December.

Though the app’s performance really has yet to be seen, according to the Kid-Print website, the app is very effective at capturing child fingerprints, and has been successful with babies as young as six months.

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