Rumors suggest Samsung could be eyeing iris recognition for GS5

October 18, 2013 - 

Apple integrated a fingerprint sensor in its new iPhone 5S, HTC has one in the HTC One, but whether Samsung will follow has yet to be seen. New rumors cast doubt on a fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S5, but introduce the idea of iris scanning instead.

Sources at AndroidSAS suggest that Samsung will use “eye-scanning” technology to unlock the anticipated smartphone, instead of a fingerprint sensor. So far details are scant and it’s unclear how the scanning will work and whether the system will be used for anything other than unlocking the phone. It’s also unknown if “eye-scanning” is in reference to iris recognition, or is something else entirely.

As of yet, this is pure conjecture, but it’s not the first time rumors have surfaced suggesting Samsung won’t opt for a fingerprint sensor.

Reported previously, earlier this year, reports came out of Korea which suggested Samsung was going to shelve its “plans” for a Galaxy fingerprint sensor due to a low production yield of sensor chips. 

That being said, some mysterious images were uncovered in Samsung GS3 firmware files which looked like a graphical presentation of a vague fingerprint security system. The phone has since launched without a fingerprint system.

A little while later, the USPTO published Samsung’s patent application for a fingerprint sensor integration, seemingly confirming a biometric system.

Samsung was also the subject of a peculiar story last week. Early in the morning, a press release was published which alleged that Samsung had acquired Fingerprint Cards for $650 million. Both companies have confirmed that the announcement was fake, and the origin and intent of the bogus release is still being investigated, though there are signs that it could be related to an earlier Adobe hack.

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