NOVAtime sets up biometric workforce management at Wild Turkey Distillery

November 27, 2013 - 

NOVAtime Technology has announced that the Wild Turkey Distillery in Kentucky is now using one of its biometric workforce management tools.

Specifically, the distillery uses the NOVAtime 4000 SaaS Workforce Management Solution, which includes a fingerprint scanner.  Approximately 80 union employees are currently using the system, with another 20 to be enrolled soon.

According to the company, this new system replaces a paper time card process at the distillery and serves multiple purposes, besides clocking in and out for the day.

“We use NOVAtime 4000 for everything. We use it for punching in and out, vacation accrual, and the Point System for absenteeism,” Shannon Meriwether, Human Resources/Payroll at Wild Turkey said. “As employees punch in and out, information comes straight to you. And NOVAtime’s Attendance Points System keeps track of absenteeism and helps supervisors manage disciplinary situations. It makes it easier for supervisors to manage employees.”

Reported previously, the Des Moines Public Schools are also using the same NOVAtime unit for employee attendance.

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