DigitalPersona biometric recognition engine gets top marks in MINEX testing

December 11, 2013 - 

DigitalPersona has announced that its FingerJet Recognition Engine matching elements have both been certified by NIST and the MINEX testing program.

According to the company, the MINEX test confirms matching performance of standards-based (INCITS 378) fingerprint templates when tested across vendors and validates performance of fingerprint engines using tens of thousands of fingerprint images in government databases.

As of December, 2013, 68 vendors have submitted fingerprint feature extraction for testing and DigitaPersona says its FingerJet Recognition Engine is in the top 10% of all tested engines, both for absolute performances and mean and median accuracy when interoperating with other compliant engines.

“A unique property of our engine is its use in low-cost, embedded processors without compromise in accuracy or responsiveness,” Vance Bjorn, CTO and vice president of corporate development at DigitalPersona said. “This has enabled DigitalPersona’s engine to be one of the most widely deployed engines for fingerprint authentication. More than 200M people rely on DigitalPersona’s fingerprint technology and products in commercial authentication applications.”

The MINEX results can be found here.

Reported previously, DigitalPersona recently launched what it says are the smallest PIV-certified FAP 20 and FAP 30 OEM modules available on the market.

In addition, the company announced its acquisition of Identity Stream in October, 2013.

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