Fingerprint to remain king for consumer devices, but standardization is needed: Frost & Sullivan

December 5, 2013 - 

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan has found that fingerprint recognition will remain the leading biometric technology in consumer electronics for at least the next few years.

Specifically, the report, Innovations in Biometrics for Consumer Electronics, says that fingerprint will remain king for consumer devices due to its “convenience, cost and quick ROI.” In addition, Frost & Sullivan has found that iris recognition and multimodal biometrics will rapidly grow in the next three years due to their accuracy, although the cost and size of these systems could hinder uptake. As for voice and face recognition, the firm notes growth in adoption is also anticipated.

“The acquisition of Authentec by Apple has kick-started the biometrics trend in consumer electronics and Samsung has also filed for biometric patents, indicating the company’s interest in incorporating biometric scanning into its devices,” Technical Insights Research Analyst Mousumi Dasgupta said. “With the world’s two most popular smartphone manufacturers employing biometric sensors, all major mobile manufacturers are likely to soon follow suit.”

An issue that Frost & Sullivan has also pointed out is that a lack of standardization reduces the ability of biometric software to function across consumer devices. In short, the firm says that “establishing standards will be crucial to allow the use of biometric technologies with minimal integration.”

In addition to the need for standardization, this new report also argues that large-scale implementation could only occur once more established, cheaper biometric solutions are available, given that high costs deter end users.

“The capabilities of near field communication and cloud computing can be combined with biometrics to explore new market opportunities in mobile commerce applications,” Dasgupta said. “In fact, mobile network operators and cloud service providers are expected to enter the biometrics for consumer electronics market to fully utilize the security and convenience offered by biometrics.”

Frost & Sullivan has devoted significant resources as of late to look at the biometrics space and industry. This summer, Frost & Sullivan published a statement in favor of mobile biometric payment systems, arguing the industry must focus on payment security and that biometrics represents the best solution for achieving this. 


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