Hoyos Labs launches, develops biometric authentication solution

December 3, 2013 - 

Hoyos Labs has just launched and has developed an end-to-end solution for identity authentication, using biometrics as an integral part of the practice.

So far, Hoyos says that it’s already received $10 million in funding.

According to the company, its identity assertion products use a multi-biometric recognition system that includes face, periocular region and iris to confirm identity. In particular, this technology leverages smartphones as biometric acquisition devices, interacts with middleware and accesses the back-end before authentication occurs.

The company says its new authentication system is compatible with any biometric device, calling it “biometric agnostic.”

“When participating in any form of online activity, from accessing social media channels to conducting financial transactions, people are extremely vulnerable to hacking and identity theft due to the flimsy nature of usernames, log-ins and passwords,” Hector Hoyos, CEO of Hoyos Labs said. “At Hoyos Labs, we are fusing our digital infrastructure security solutions and our biometric identification technologies into consumer- and corporate-ready solutions that can be deployed on devices like mobile phones. This solution will provide benefits for consumers, as well as companies, and will lower and ultimately eradicate fraud and identity theft.”

Hoyos Labs is currently led by Hector Hoyos, who has significance experience in this space. In addition to holding numerous patents related to this kind of technology, Hoyos invented the HBOX and EyeSwipe biometric authentication technology, and also founded Global Rainmakers, Inc (later renamed EyeLock).

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