Sensible Vision launches fifth generation facial recognition system

December 12, 2013 - 

Sensible Vision has announced the launch of its fifth generation FastAccess Anywhere facial recognition system.

According to the company, this new iteration is up to 2.5 times faster at performing recognition, has a lower error rate and an enhanced photo rejection feature.  The company also says that new algorithm improvements have resulted in better recognition under varied and difficult lighting conditions – a common stumbling block for face recognition systems.

“Our company’s goal is to make phones, tablets and PCs easy to use while providing true security and peace of mind,” George Brostoff, CEO of Sensible Vision said. “This new release further enhances the user experience by reducing password typing by up to 400%. Logging into Windows and websites is almost instantaneous with no passwords to type or remember, even in some of the most challenging lighting conditions.”

In addition to improved recognition, version 5.0 also touts enhanced photo rejection. Micro-motion detection senses whether access has been attempted with a photo or video, resulting in a 60% improvement in photo and video rejections.

“We developed FastAccess for enterprise environments with critical security requirements,” Cyrus Azar, Chief Technology Officer for Sensible Vision said. “We later employed the same technology to develop the app for home and small business users. We are committed to continuous advancements to maintain the leading edge with FastAccess; distinguishing the solution from novelty, insecure face recognition apps on the market.”

Reported previously, Sensible Vision launched version 4.0 almost exactly one year ago, in 2012.

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