ABT Security Systems joins Biometrics Institute

January 21, 2014 - 

ABT Security Systems has just announced that it has joined the Biometrics Institute as a member.

“We were excited to hear of our acceptance as a member of the Biometrics Institute,” Terry Stanley, GM of ABT Security Systems said. “The breadth of technical knowledge and support provideded by our participation in the Institute will in turn provide real benefits to our clients. Two such immediate benefits are the issue of the latest biometric ‘Privacy Guidelines’ to our existing client users and the implementation of ‘Vulnerability Assessment Methodology’ as part of our offering to new prospects.”

The Biometrics Institute was established in 2001, and has offices in Sydney and London.

“We see our role in password replacement as the real growth area for ABT Security Systems,” Stanley said. “Passwords are just too easily shared around or stolen and can cause significant losses in terms of lost productivity and stock shrinkage.”

The Biometrics Institute is an active forum of industry players to discuss biometrics development, data sharing and other issues.

Reported previously, following news that the iPhone 5S had been hacked using primitive fingerprint-lifting and manufacturing techniques, the Institute called for widespread spoof detection adoption.

In November 2012, ABT Security Systems launched a line of wireless remote cameras, which function over a mobile phone network.

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