FotoPunch launches mobile SaaS facial recognition time-tracking technology

January 21, 2014 - 

FotoPunch has announced the launch of its new self-service mobile time tracking technology, which features facial recognition.

“We’ve always been passionate about creating solutions for small businesses, so we’re excited to be able to incorporate our robust mobile time tracking technologies into a self-service model,” Tom Loveland, FotoPunch founder and CEO said. “We love the idea that small businesses with mobile employees can easily sign up online, try it out and deploy our mobile time tracking technology.”

According to the company, the new time-tracking solution is packed in a SaaS-based self-service model and combines proprietary facial recognition, mobile GPS and cloud-based portal technologies.

The system works by using cell phones to authenticate users, using the camera for facial recognition as well as a smartphone’s integrated GPS chip.

Reported previously, in May 2012, FotoPunch launched its Connected Mobile Time and Attendance application, which worked without mobile devices.

As we’ve discussed extensively in, biometric technology is a popular choice for workforce management solutions as it eliminates buddy punching and lost or stolen punch cards.

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