Fujitsu to showcase biometrics at national retail show

January 13, 2014 - 

Fujitsu is set to debut a new currency recycler and will exhibit its PalmSecure biometric technology at the National Federation Annual Convention and Expo this week in New York City.

Fujitsu has announced that it will launch a new back-office cash management solution and currency recycler.

To complement its line of OEM currency solutions at the show, Fujitsu has also announced that it will demonstrate its entire family of biometric solutions, the PalmSecure vein imaging solution, PalmSecure for SSO solution and the PalmEntry physical access control system.

Fujitsu’s vein devices detect pattern as well as check to ensure blood is actively flowing through the veins. This isn’t a health measurement – instead, it’s for liveness detection.

Increasingly, retailers are turning to biometrics for applications like access control, workforce management, in-store ads and payment solutions.

In fact, another biometrics provider, ImageWare Systems, has announced that it too, will be demonstrating biometrics at the National Federation Annual Convention this week. According to the company, it will showcase its new cloud identity management platform, GoMobile Interactive. 

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