Hoyos Labs issues Biometric Open Protocol Standard

January 7, 2014 - 

Hoyos Labs has announced the formalization of its Biometric Open Standards Protocols.

BOPS — as the company calls it – comprises a set of rules that govern secure communications among a variety of client devices including mobile phones, desktop computers and ATMs. In addition, the protocols includes a trusted server to manage the acquisition and manipulation of biometric data. According to Hoyos, the guidelines make use of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Trusted Computer Systems Evaluation Criteria and are biometric agnostic.

“Nearly every smartphone, digital device or computer system that has a financial component to it will have a biometric component built into it in the very near future. The concerns about fraud, hacking and personal privacy have created a tidal wave of momentum on this front,” Hector Hoyos, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hoyos Labs said. “Now, securing all of the biometric data that’s being generated is of the utmost importance. As with every major technological breakthrough, a series of accepted standards and protocols must be widely adopted from the manufacturer and database management end before consumers can fully be comfortable. BOPS are those standards and protocols.”

According to the company, the BOPS systems addresses Identity Assertion, role gathering, auditing and assurance.

“We have created a rule-based system by building upon The U.S. Department of Defense’s core infrastructures. What Hoyos Labs has done is made our system work across all biometric types – from iris and periocular to fingerprint and beyond – and is available to any company that wants to implement it” Hoyos said.

The BOPS document is available from Hoyos Labs.

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