‘PiP My Pet’ facial recognition app launches on iTunes

January 13, 2014 - 

PiP has just launched an app which uses a form of facial recognition to identify and recover lost pets.

Called PiP my pet, the app is now available on the iTunes app store.

Reported previously in BiometricUpdate.com, PiP launched an indiegogo campaign in August 2013, looking to raise money for its pet facial recognition app.

Specifically, the Vancouver-based company set out to raise capital through Indiegogo to bring the app to market, but raised only $2,746 of that goal, according to the campaign page.  

The app works by analyzing unique facial features of animals and is reportedly able to recognize 98 percent of dogs and cats, with the help of some additional metadata like breed, weight, size and gender.

Owners using the app need to upload images of their pets to the system, which analyzes facial features and stores a template in a database. Once these pets are reported missing, the system scans social media postings for found pets and according to a TechCrunch report, there is also a person who scans metadata to reduce false positives.  

Beside scanning social media, the app sends out an alert to animal control, veterinarians and rescue agencies.  The group calls this an “Amber Alert” for missing pets.

People who find pets can download the app and upload a picture of the pet, and if the pet already exists in the system, it notifies the owner.

According to a report in Canada’s Globe and Mail, the app is free to download, but users who want to register their dog or cat need to pay an annual fee of $18.99.

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