Valencell teams with LG Electronics on fitness biometrics

January 9, 2014 - 

Valencell, an innovator of mobile health and fitness announced at the 2014 International Consumers Electronics Show (CES) this week that its PerformTek Precision Biometrics technology has been licensed to LG Electronics for a new LG Bluetooth heart rate monitoring earphone that will track fitness biometrics.

Valencell is a North Carolina-based start-up that offers licensable sensor technology that measures real-time biometrics for fitness monitoring.

“Having one of the foremost global consumer electronics brands incorporate PerformTek sensor technology into its products reaffirms that PerformTek is the only fitness biometric technology proven to be accurate and consistent across different activities and environments, while still being small enough to fit in audio earbuds. Consumers trust LG to deliver pioneering innovations, and this product will help people achieve their performance and fitness goals while providing a high-quality audio experience,” Valencell President Dr. Steven LeBoeuf said.

The new LG earphone, powered by PerformTek, will use the patented sensor technology to monitor users’ heart rate, distance and speed, as well as calories burned. The information will then be wirelessly delivered in real-time to a mobile app on users’ smartphones. The seamless nature of PerformTek sensor technology allows consumers to use the LG earphone for monitoring their biometrics while listening to music or talking on the phone.

Reported previously in, Valencell reported a similar licensing agreement with Scosche Industries.

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