Frost & Sullivan publishes report ‘Biometrics in Cellphones’

February 25, 2014 - 

Biometrics in cellphones is a major trend, and Frost & Sullivan has just published a new report looking at exactly that, called Biometrics in Cellphones.

Samsung just launched its Galaxy S5 with a fingerprint sensor, Apple launched the iPhone 5S in September last year  and there is a whole slew of phone manufacturers in Asia and elsewhere around the world that have already integrated fingerprint technology into consumer devices.

Facial recognition has been an option in the Android operating system for quite some time, voice recognition is making an appearance in a growing number of handsets, iris recognition is an emerging capability for mobiles and most recently, fingerprint sensors are being embedded in hardware.

According to, the study focuses on growth in the biometrics devices market worldwide with special attention on India as having a mass demand for online transactions facilitated by biometrics, and also a huge availability of feature phones supporting secure authentication.

Frost & Sullivan certainly isn’t the only firm to take a close look at this trend.

The Biometrics Research Group has long-predicted that smartphones would soon include biometrics. According to the group, “U.S. consumers will use smartphones and tablets to make retail purchases of approximately US$35 billion in 2013, compared with US$20 billion in 2012.

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