IdentityX launches Infinity Platform for mobile devices

February 20, 2014 - 

IdentityX has announced Infinity, a new authentication platform for mobile devices.

According to the Daon affiliate, this is the world’s first universal authentication platform for mobile devices.

“All over the world, companies are scrambling to build better biometrics,” IdentityX President Connor White said. “But what’s keeping the world from online trust isn’t a better biometric factor; it’s a better platform for synchronizing, selecting and combining the dozens of biometric and non-biometric factors we already have, and the ones we’ve yet to discover.”

“For too long, businesses have been shackled to a lowest common denominator security mentality,” White said. “That’s what makes the Infinity Platform so disruptive. The strongest authentication factor isn’t a superior biometric; it’s choice.”

The Infinity Platform was developed in affiliation with Daon, says the company.

“No single authentication factor will ever be suitable for every user, for every activity, for every device,” White said. “When you try to modulate between security and convenience, you end up getting neither. But when we introduce flexibility and choice into the system, it’s suddenly possible to elevate both security and convenience simultaneously.”

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