Secure Identity & Biometrics Association launches

February 7, 2014 - 

The Secure Identity & Biometrics Association (SIBA) has just been formed and aims to provide proactive education, policy refinement and solutions to the complexities of balancing identity security and protection with national security, public safety, economic strength, privacy and innovation, it says.

Casting a wide net, SIBA was “created for vendors, research institutions, non-profits and individuals.” The technology it will focus on includes biological and behavioral biometrics, as well as other secure credentials.

“With a struggling economy, the opportunity for innovation and economic growth is explosive. The global biometrics market was $7 billion in 2012. By 2020, it is slated to grow to $20 billion. With policies in place that embrace responsible future applications, these technologies can evolve into a core stabilizer for the economy’s recovery and future growth,” SIBA founder and CEO, Janice Kephart said.

Kephart herself has extensive experience in secure credentials and drafted identity-related recommendations in the 9/11 Final Report as a border counsel to the 9/11 Commission. In addition, Kephart is a key author of the Commission staff monograph, 9/11 and Terrorist Travel.

More information is available on the SIBA website. This group is currently fielding membership inquiries.

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