Fujitsu boasts new integrator and distributor for palm vein biometric technology

March 27, 2014 - 

Fujitsu Frontech North America has announced that AUTEC GmbH will become a value-added integrator for components of Fujitsu’s PalmEntry physical access and control management systems. The company has also recently announced that PCSC will be an authorized distributor of PalmEntry products using PalmSecure biometrics technology.

According to Fujitsu, AUTEC will be demonstrating an international airport employee gate access solution based on PalmSecure biometric technology, called XMP-PalmCom, in the Fujitsu booth #7054 at ISC West 2014. This uses dual authentication and 256-bit encryption to provide a robust “spoof-proof” solution for enhanced airline security. In addition, AUTEC GmbH’s North American reseller, iDor Security Solutions, will be demonstrating XMP-PalmCom in their booth #13127.

“We are delighted that AUTEC GmbH has chosen Fujitsu Access Control Technology to complement their array of world-class security solutions,” Randy Fox, vice president, currency handling and identification product solutions, Fujitsu Frontech North America said. “Armed with Fujitsu’s access control components, AUTEC GmbH will now be able to provide a winning value-added solution to their security integration clients and OEM channel.”

“From the very beginning we were impressed with the reliability and durability of the PalmEntry hardware compared to other biometric solutions on the market,” Roger Poller, CEO, AUTEC GmbH said. “We were confident we could install PalmEntry hardware in some of the most challenging locations and environments in the world, and it would perform at a very high level for years to come.”

Fujitsu has also recently announced that PCSC, a Torrance, CA-based manufacturer of access control solutions will be an authorized distributor of PalmEntry products.

“We are delighted that such a security-focused company as PCSC has chosen the Fujitsu PalmSecure technology to use as one more tool in their arsenal of physical access control solutions,” according to Randy Fox, vice president, currency handling and identification product solutions, Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. “The fact that PCSC is recommending and using PalmEntry solutions for some of their most sensitive foreign military clients demonstrates their confidence in Fujitsu and the technology.”

“Our customers have been very pleased with the performance of the Fujitsu PalmSecure biometrics technology. It has proven to provide accurate, timely and reliable authentication in some of the harshest environments imaginable,” Mas Kosaka, President and CEO of PCSC said. “Fujitsu’s PalmEntry products give us another key ingredient to complement our overall suite of physical access control solutions for our global customers.”

In case you missed it, Rawlson King recently sat down to do an interview with Derek Northrope, Fujitsu’s head of biometrics. Read the full interview here.

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