Neurotechnology updates entire line of biometric SDKs

March 21, 2014 - 

Neurotechnology has announced new releases across its entire line of biometric SDKs.

According to the Lithuanian company, these new product versions include significant algorithm improvements to increase functionality and recognition accuracy.  Nueortechnology says the company’s new API is designed to accommodate multi-modal setups and facilitates a switch between a clocal computer and server-side system.

Updated products from Neurotechnology include:

  • MegaMatcher 5.0 multi-biometric SDK for large-scale applications
  • MegaMatcher Accelerator 7.0 multi-biometric software and hardware server side matching solution
  • MegaMatcher on Card 3.3 for multi-biometric matching on a smart card
  • VeriFinger 7.0 for fingerprint identification
  • VeriLook 5.5 for facial identification
  • VeriEye 2.8 for iris identification
  • VeriSpeak 2.1 for voice identification.

“Our focus has always been on the creation of more powerful biometric algorithms, and we have continued that tradition with major enhancements across these new product versions,” Irmantas Naujikas, Director, Business Development, for Neurotechnology said. “Also, project implementation periods are often critically short, so we restructured the API to make it more intuitive, enabling developers to integrate multiple biometric technologies into their projects in a much shorter period of time. We included more simplified samples and tutorials to make the integration process easier,” Naujikas added.

Neurotechnology has also announced some updates to fingerprint segmentation algorithm in its VeriFinger and MegaMatcher products, which is says provides a level of accuracy that’s two times better that the previous version.


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