SpeechPro details upcoming launch of updated VoiceKey.OnePass verification platform

March 10, 2014 - 

SpeechPro has announced the upcoming release of its newly-updated multi-biometric verification platform, VoiceKey.OnePass.

According to the company, the new version of OnePass includes the ability for touchless identification, as well as static-prompted voice passphrase.

This means, that when a user starts the verification process, the smartphone’s camera searches for a human face in the video stream and automatically launches the voice recording as soon as a face is detected.

In addition, says the company, its new static-prompted voice passphrase feature will enhance security without reducing usability. Each voice verification utterance consists of two parts: static (the same every time) and prompted (a random combination of words). This approach enhances the security of the verification process, preventing replay attacks, while reducing the length of the login process.

“Smartphones play an increasingly important role in our lives and the significance of a secure login and authentication process is hard to overstate,” Alexey Khitrov, President of SpeechPro USA said. “We are confident that the new, user-friendly features of VoiceKey.OnePass will further enhance the verification experience for mobile users. It makes so much sense to use the imbedded capabilities of smartphones to provide a secure biometric login experience.”

BIometricUpdate.com recently had a chance to speak with Khitrov about SpeechPro, VoiceKey.OnePass as well as the voice biometrics market. Read the full feature interview here.

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