Fingerprint Cards launches new touch fingerprint sensor for Android and Windows, boasts 30% size reduction

April 25, 2014 - 

Fingerprint Cards has launched a new touch fingerprint sensor – the smallest from the company to date.

According to the company, the new sensor – the FPC1021 – builds on its previously announced FPC1020 technology. Fingerprint Cards says its 30% smaller in size and comes pre-integrated with software and matching algorithms for Android and Windows. The new small size is thanks to “major advancements” in the matching algorithm, the company said in its announcement today.

Complete samples of the new FPC 1021 sensors were sampled a few weeks ago and the first deliveres of engineering samples are beginning.  Mass-market manufacturing is set to begin in the third quarter of 2014.

“With FPC1021, FPC is demonstrating that we are serious in our aim of leading the deployment of touch fingerprint sensors for Android and Windows device OEMs,” Jörgen Lantto, Executive Vice President, CTO and Head of Strategy & Product Management at FPC said. “As previously announced, our first touch fingerprint sensor FPC1020is now becoming integrated in the first commercial mobile devices, and with FPC1021 our objective is to further extend our leading position and confirm FPC as the market leader in touch fingerprint sensors. FPC intends to continue to develop and launch globally best-in-class touch and swipe sensor variants in the months and quarters to come.”

Reported previously, Fingerprint Cards recently announced that it had received an initial pre-ramp order for its FPC 1020 touch sensors, worth US$600,000. The new order, for a Tier 1 flagship smartphone is set to be delivered next month, in May 2014.

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