Fujitsu adds NYTP as an authorized distributor for palm vein biometric technology

April 1, 2014 - 

Fujitsu Frontech North America has announced that New York Technology Partners (NYTP) Rochester, NY, will be an authorized distributor of Fujitsu’s PalmSecure technology.

NYTP provides consultant services to clients that must stay abreast and ahead of an ever changing business environment. Many of its clients are Fortune 1000 companies in database, web and CRM.

“Our clients have been very impressed with the capability and flexibility of Fujitsu’s PalmSecure biometrics technology. PalmSecure technology has repeatedly proven to provide accurate, timely and reliable authentication to some of the most demanding clients, particularly in the financial services sector,” Nick Bhatia, partner and founder, New York Technology Partners said. “With all of the recent publicity regarding security breaches, both internal and external, it is extremely important that we offer our clients the best security choices available.”

PalmSecure is based on Fujitsu’s award-winning PalmSecure biometric palm vein sensor. These palm vein sensors use a near-infrared light to capture a user’s palm vein pattern, generating a unique biometric template that is matched against the palm vein patterns of pre-registered users. According to the company, unlike other readers, the PalmSecure sensor does not come into contact with the skin, making it extremely hygienic, non-intrusive and unrestricted by external factors such as skin types and conditions. Fujitsu also says that user registration takes less than one minute and authentication takes less than one second.

“We are very proud that NYTP has selected Fujitsu PalmSecure technology to ensure the integrity of their clients’ data and positively authenticate the identity of individuals that access sensitive areas,” Randy Fox, vice president, currency handling and identification product solutions, Fujitsu Frontech North America said. “As NYTP grows in scope and adds more clients, especially in emerging markets, we expect the demand and need for biometric authentication will grow also. NYTP will be well positioned to address this need for improved security.”

Reported previously in, Fujitsu has hinted that its palm scanners could soon find a home inside smartphone and tablets. 

In case you missed it, BiometricUpdate recently sat down with Derek Northrope, Fujitsu’s head of biometrics to talk about the company, technology and the future. Read the full interview here.

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