September 14 – 18, 2014
Singapore EXPO

INTERSPEECH is the world’s largest and most comprehensive conference on issues surrounding the science and technology of spoken language processing, both in humans and in machines.

The theme of INTERSPEECH 2014 is “Celebrating the Diversity of Spoken Languages”. INTERSPEECH 2014 emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach covering all aspects of speech science and technology spanning basic theories to applications. In addition to regular oral and poster sessions, the conference will also feature plenary talks by internationally renowned experts, tutorials, special sessions, show & tell sessions, and exhibits. A number of satellite events will take place immediately before and after the conference.

Please follow the details of these and other news at the INTERSPEECH website

INTERSPEECH covers area including but not limited to:

– Speech Perception and Production
– Prosody, Phonetics, Phonology, and Para-/Non- Linguistic Information
– Analysis of Speech and Audio Signals
– Speech Coding and Enhancement
– Speaker and Language Identification
– Speech Synthesis and Spoken Language Generation
– Speech Recognition – Signal Processing, Acoustic Modelling, Robustness, and Adaptation
– Speech Recognition – Architecture, Search & Linguistic Components
– LVCSR and Its Applications, Technologies and Systems for New Applications
– Spoken Language Processing – Dialogue, Summarization, Understanding
– Spoken Language Processing -Translation, Info Retrieval
– Spoken Language Evaluation, Standardization and Resources

Important Dates

Early registration deadline: 10 July 2014
Conference dates: 14-18 Sept 2014


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