BI2 launches new suite of iris biometric software and SDK

May 8, 2014 - 

Biometric Intelligence and Identification Technologies (BI2 Technologies) has just launched a new suite of standards-based iris biometric identification and tools named Fident and FidentSDK.

According to the company, Fident is a camera and algorithm agnostic cloud-based iris biometric identification system and Fident SDK allows developers and system integrators to include iris biometric identification capabilities to their offerings.

“All biometric identification systems have two major components – hardware to capture the biometric and software algorithm to perform the identification,” Kamen Kostov, Chief Engineer for B12 Technologies said. “Fident has been designed from the ground up to be independent of the proprietary nature of both.”

BI2 says the communication between any third part product and Fident is facilitated by the Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation. This means Fident can be integrated with virtually any desktop or web app written in .NET, Java or Python.

“Fident will change the iris biometric industry. It has been designed to easily integrate with any existing application or database – from small, standalone systems at one site or campus to large scale national or global implementations for Electronic Health Records, National ID, Fraud Prevention, Banking and Financial Services, Retail and Gaming, Cyber Security and Intelligence, Social Media, Immigration, Border Control and ePassports,” Sean G. Mullin, president & CEO of BI2 said. “It’s open and standards-based so customers will have more choices and will not be locked into one vendor. That means more competition and more freedom to select the best solutions at lower costs – that’s innovation.”

Reported previously in, BI2 recently announced its issuance of a patent for a mobile biometric capture and communication system.

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