Fingerprint Cards gets new design win for biometric fingerprint touch sensor, to be used in a flagship smartphone model

May 15, 2014 - 

Fingerprint Cards has announced a new design win for its FPC 1020 biometric fingerprint sensor from a Chinese Top 3 smartphones.

According to the company, the sensor will be used for a flagship model smartphone with a launch date during the fourth quarter of 2014.

“FPC is the globally leading supplier for capacitive touch fingerprint sensors and the globally leading supplier for fingerprint sensors in mobile phones and tablets,” Johan Carlström, President and Chief Executive Officer of FPC said. “By combining these strengths, FPC has developed the most attractive mobile touch fingerprint sensor on the planet. It is with great pride that we announce another DW for the FPC1020 and with a Chinese Top 3 smartphone OEM in a flagship model. As a result of superior fingerprint technology and image quality combined with low power consumption, FPC has outdistanced the competition for sockets in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.”

Reported previously in, Fingerprint Cards recently published its interim financial report, calling the first quarter of 2014 “stronger than expected.”

Earlier this month, the company received the first ramp order for its 1020 sensor, related to previous orders, as well as another separate design win.


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