Samsung Galaxy S5 firmware update addresses fingerprint sensor accuracy: reports

May 12, 2014 - 

Samsung is in the midst of rolling out an update to unlocked Galaxy S5 smartphones, which reportedly improves the accuracy of the embedded fingerprint sensor.

Reported in Sam Mobile, the new update which is expected to take a while to make the rounds to all connected GS5 devices, improves both the accuracy of the fingerprint sensor, as well as the camera and gallery apps.  

“The update seems to have improved the accuracy of the fingerprint sensor,” Sam Mobile reported this morning. “We already found it to be quite accurate even with one-hand usage, but this will hopefully improve the experience for those that the fingerprint sensor wasn’t working well for.”

According to a separate post in USwitch, the update is initially being rolled out in the UK.

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 smartphone has been in the news lately, as its fingerprint sensor was recently spoofed using a fake fingerprint shortly after its launch. It’s not alone however, as the iPhone 5S Touch ID fingerprint sensor fell to nearly the same attack late last year, days after its official launch.

Unlike the iPhone 5S, the Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor has already been leveraged by a few third party apps, including PayPal, PasswordBox and LastPass.

Currently, the Touch ID sensor embedded in the iPhone 5S can be used to unlock the device and authorize iTunes purchases.

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