Anviz Global launches iris recognition access control device

June 27, 2014 - 

Anviz Global has announced the launch of a new biometric access control device, based on iris recognition.

Called UltraMatch, the company says users can scan their irises at a distance of between 18 and 25 centimeters from the device and can store up to 50,000 records.

“Our engineers were looking to produce an access control device that surpasses the security measures provided by fingerprint technology. They responded by creating the UltraMatch, a stylish and reliable machine but one which maintains a compact design and overall affordability,” Clark Ruan, Head of Business Development at Anviz said.

Biometric access control options are increasingly attractive to users as they are accurate, aim to eliminate buddy-punching and avoid issues like lost cards or forgotten pins. Also, in the case of iris recognition, these systems are well-suited for sterile environments as recognition occurs without the users having to touch the device at all.

According to recently-published research, the overall market for electronic access control is expected to reach $16.3 billion by 2017, growing at a CAGR of 7 percent.

Reported previously in, earlier this year Anviz Global launched a fingerprint-based time-and-attendance device with an integrated rechargeable power source in case electricity is limited where the device is deployed.

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