Anviz Global set to launch new fingerprint biometric access control device this month

June 5, 2014 - 

Anviz Global will launch its newest biometric access control device this month, at the same time that the IFSEC UK Exhibition is set to take place, June 17-19 in London, England.

“Consumers have been looking for a reliable and effective stand-alone security device that is economical and stylish. Anviz has responded by creating M5, a compact device that adds the element of increased security,” Felix Fu, Product Manager at Anviz said.

According to the company, the new device – the M5 – features a biometric fingerprint scanner, a vandal-resistant metal housing and an IP65 rating. It also includes an integrated RFID reader, and an alarm to prevent tampering.

Anviz says the M5 povides near-instantaneous recognition, and is built on the back of the company’s BioNano algorithm. As this device scans user fingerprints, it ensures it has the most complete image on file, replacing old records with newer and fuller fingerprint images.

Earlier this year, Anviz launched another separate biometric time-and-attendance device, which includes an alternate power source, in case power supply is limited. According to the company, in Nigeria as an example, chronic power shortages are an issue.


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