Cross Match launches new Guardian device for biometric APC kiosks, eGates

June 17, 2014 - 

Cross Match has just announced the launch of its new Guardian Module at the Security Document World exhibition.

According to the company, this new iteration of the Guardian offers a comprehensive biometric capture solution that features ten-print technology, biometric middleware and a user interface designed to integrate with automated passport control kiosks and eGates.

“The Guardian Module leverages our industry leadership in biometric enrollment and, in particular, our Guardian line of ten-print fingerprint scanner technology and biometric middleware,” Cross Match CEO Richard Agostinelli said. “We offer kiosk and eGate integrators the latest fingerprint capture technology packaged in a compact, easily integrated form that is wrapped with our unique user interface for biometric identity capture.”

The Guardian Module is designed to prompt the applicant/user through an unattended imaging of their fingerprints, which Cross Match says ensures the highest quality image capture over the least amount of time.

The solution incorporates Cross Match’s technology that enables imaging of both moist and dry fingers without conditioning of the hand, as well as its patented Auto Capture and FlexFlat features that the company says ensure rapid high-quality print capture regardless of where the finger is positioned on the platen.

Reported previously in, Cross Match acquired DigitalPersona earlier this year.

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