Samsung shows off SAMI platform, smartwatch for measuring health data

June 5, 2014 - 

Samsung recently laid out an architecture for biometric health information, as well as a cloud platform and smartwatch for storing the health data collected.

According to a report in Venturebeat, this would all be built around a platform that’s been called SAMI (Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interaction). Samsung describes this like the brain of its new ecosystem and that eventually it will reach a critical mass of data collection that medical professionals will be able to mine valuable health insights from it.

Samsung has been clear to stress that it will not own this health data – users will.

As for the unveiled smartwatch, it’s filled with light-based sensors and a large screen to monitor body metrics in real time. This is the data that will be uploaded to the cloud.

The company is planning to launch both an API and SDK later this year, as it says both the software and hardware will remain open.

Reported previously in, based on comments from Synaptics’ CEO Rick Bergman, it’s likely that consumers will see Samsung wearables with embedded fingerprint sensors in the near future. “Using fingerprint ID sensors for a small curved display is not a big challenge,” Bergman said to Taiwanese media earlier this week.

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