secunet introduces policy framework for eID PKIs

June 17, 2014 - 

German IT security solutions provider secunet announced at Security Document World 2014 that it will introduce a policy framework for public key infrastructures with regard to electronic identity documents.

According to the company, the framework includes all international specifications that are currently required for operating a PKI for government identity documents such as passports.Governments that wish to establish a PKI for their eID infrastructure can use the framework to significantly reduce the expenditure of establishing their own set of regulations.

In addition, the company says its framework includes the basis for decision-making for components that are not covered by the international specifications, but that are necessary for a securely running governmental PKI.

Reported previously in, last year secunet announced it would assume the technical management and performance of an international ePassport interoperability test at Security Document World.

The company also acted as a technical lead in the 2006 Berlin ePassport interoperability tests.

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