Facial recognition and biometric screening to be deployed at Australian airports

August 6, 2014 - 

Australian Customs and Border Protection Services is rolling out facial recognition and biometric screening at the departure gates of all major airports in the country, according to a report by Daily Telegraph.

The announcement of the new border clearance system with support for biometric eGates was first made in June.

The new security measures are in response to a recent terrorist threat assessment warning of the possibility that there would be a repeat incident of the 2002 Bali bombing.

A team of 80 national security officers stemming from spy and counter terrorism agencies will also be on location at all major airports in the country to handle any potential threats and prevent suspected terrorists from leaving or entering Australia.

The early roll out phase of e-gates will feature fingerprinting technology at both the departure and arrival gates.

According to the Daily Telegraph report, airlines will also be drafted into a new national security measure where they will be requested to submit passenger departure information in advance to officials so that they are able to screen for potential risks prior to arriving at the airport.

The cabinet approved the border security package as part of a $600 million counter terrorism funding initiative.

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