Crucialtec provides fingerprint modules for Huawei smartphones

September 23, 2014 - 

CrucialTec confirmed it has provided Huawei with touch-type fingerprint modules for Huawei’s new line of smartphones, according to a report by the Korea Times.

The touch-type fingerprint recognition system has not typically been used in Android smartphones before while Apple has embraced it, introducing it with its iPhone 5s last year.

“We supplied our touch-type fingerprint recognition modules to China’s Huawei,” said a CrucialTec representative. “Starting from Huawei, China’s major smartphone makers will use our fingerprint recognition modules. We are now in talks with about ten Chinese smartphone makers and five non-Chinese makers to supply our touch-type fingerprint recognition modules.”

CrucialTec has its sights on supplying more than 10 million touch-type fingerprint recognition modules this year alone.

CrucialTec recently partnered with IDEX ASA to combine IDEX sensors with CrucialTec’s mass manufacturing, industrial expertise and supply capabilities.

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