Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and Testing to host kick-off workshop

September 2, 2014 - 

Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and Testing announced it is hosting a Kick-Off Workshop on November 12-13 in Martigny, Switzerland.

The two-day event will feature keynote presentations from Morpho VP of research and technology Jean-Christophe Fondeur, who will deliver a presentation titled “Morpho experience of a win-win collaboration”.

Nils Tekampe, head of the biometric laboratory at TÜViT will discuss testing and certification in biometrics.

Idiap head of biometrics group Sebastien Marcel will discuss the Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and Testing, while Idiap signal processing engineer André Anjos will discuss the BEAT platform.

And finally, European Biometrics Group CEO and president Max Snijder will discuss the opportunities, challenges and urgencies of biometrics testing in Europe, as well as moderate a panel discussion on the need for a coordinated action on biometrics testing and certification.

Registration is now open and can be completed on the Swiss Center for Biometrics and Testing website.

Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and Testing is a division of non-profit research foundation Idiap, which is consistently involved in Swiss and European research activities spanning a range of areas including biometrics.

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