Vrai Mobile launches a consumer voice biometric mobile application

September 15, 2014 - 

Vrai Mobile Limited announced it has launched its first mobile application, My Voice KeePass (MVK), which acts as a personal information manager.

The app ensures that users no longer require a masterkey when storing personal data, while using a voice biometric access element that is highly accurate and extremely difficult for anyone to forge.

MVK enables individuals to maintain their PINs and passwords all in one, secure location.

One particularly unique feature of the app is that it can be completely hidden on the device so that if it is lost or stolen, the thief will not be able to uncover the PINs and passwords.

MVK also features a vault for personal data, which is intuitive for users, generates random passwords and has auto-fill capability.

The vault is another variation on the open source KeePass Droid application.

“With the initial deployment of MVK we’re letting mobile users get a high-end voice biometric security product for an incredibly low price,” said Vrai CEO Brendan Treacy. “Our goal is to win over the public to this highly secure concept and keep adding more features into the mix that will make it even more personal to use. We also plan to release MVK as an SDK for multiple other uses, so expect to see it on other applications soon.”

MVK can now be downloaded from the MVK website or Google Playstore.

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