Biometric sign-on system for UK Job Center sites

October 28, 2014 - 

The UK Department for Work and Pensions will finally enter the digital age by upgrading hundreds of its Job Center sites with advanced computers and biometric technologies, according to a report by Gizmodo UK.

Minister for Employment Esther McVey said that the UK government has invested in 23,000 electronic signing pads for 700 Job Centers.

Designed to cut down on benefits fraud and costly paperwork, the new machines will replace the paper booklets that job seekers currently use to sign on.

The electronic signing pads will take biometric measurements including handwriting recognition methods to ensure that those individuals who are required to meet with employment officers are actually attending the appointments and not getting others to sign on for them and claim benefits without having the intention of looking for work.

After completing a successful testing period at the London Bridge Job Center branch, the new system is expected to save the Department for Work and Pensions £2 million per year.

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