NEC to implement facial recognition and fingerprint identification system for Bexar County in Texas

October 30, 2014 - 

NEC Corporation of America will provide Bexar County in Texas with an automated fingerprint identification and facial recognition system to help investigators track down criminals, according to a report by KENS 5.

Bexar County commissioners discussed and voted to sign an agreement with NEC Corporation of America for the purchase of an automated fingerprint identification and facial recognition system for no more than $3.4 million, as requested by the Bexar County Sheriffs Office.

The AFIS identification system has been used for more than 25 years, but more recently, law enforcement agencies have been using a more advanced version of AFIS called plain-impression live scanning.

The system employs digital imaging technology to gather, store, and analyze fingerprint and facial recognition information.

AFIS was first used by the FBI to investigate criminal cases and its use was later expanded and applied to general identification and fraud prevention.

Previously reported, a police force in an English midlands county have been testing out NEC Corporation of America’s facial recognition technology, which recently identified a suspect captured on camera within seconds.

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