New Frontier Group to integrate BehavioSec’s behavioral authentication solution in online banking

October 6, 2014 - 

New Frontier Group and BehavioSec announced they have partnered to integrate BehavioSec’s Behavioral Authentication into New Frontier Group’s online banking solution, as well as to resell Behaviosec to NFG customers.

New Frontier Group will implement BehavioSec’s multi layered approach for authentication and verification purposes to boost the security of its iBanking solution, all without using any additional hardware.

BehavioSec’s solution maps a profile behavior “fingerprint” based on the individual’s keystroke dynamics or smartphone input such as gestures, touch pressure and swipe angle.

The solution then compares this key behavior to the individual’s historical records in order to verify his or her identify.

BehavioSec’s software, which is currently being used by major banks throughout Europe, significantly speeds up the fraud detection and investigation process by recognizing the identity of the user.

“With BehavioSec we can give our customers the needed security in a cost-effective but secure manner without compromising on the user experience,” said Gregor Bierent, director at New Frontier Group.

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