UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center deploys RightPatient patient identity management and data integrity platform

October 16, 2014 - 

Department of Radiation Medicine & Applied Sciences at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center recently implemented a customized version of M2SYS Technology’s RightPatient patient identification solution to accurately identify patients as a safety precaution prior to receiving radiation treatment.

RightPatient from M2SYS Technology is a patient identity management and data integrity platform that boosts patient safety by ensuring accurate care delivery in any setting.

The RMAS department decided to select non-contact iris recognition of the many forms of biometrics that RightPatient supports.

Iris biometrics helps support patient safety and hospital infection control protocols, as well as provides a more hygienic environment for cancer treatment patients.

The RMAS department was seeking an accurate solution that would prevent the occurrence of any potential identification errors that could hurt patient safety.

RightPatient said it continues to receive positive feedback from patients at every hospital where it is deployed who understand its significance to protect their identity and ensure their safety and medical data integrity is maintained.

“It’s gratifying to see our RightPatient patient identity management and medical data integrity platform deployed in such a wide variety of healthcare settings to protect patient safety and ensure accurate care delivery,” said Michael Trader, co-founder and president of M2SYS Technology. “UCSD is an important example of how RightPatient is a critical element for patient safety initiatives to ensure proper care administration in any environment.”

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