Xolo releases mid-range smartphone with fingerprint sensor

October 8, 2014 - 

Smartphone manufacturer Xolo announced it has released its new affordable phone, Q2100, which features a fingerprint sensor, according to a report by Tech in Asia.

As one of only a handful of smartphones available with a built-in fingerprint sensor, Xolo Q2100 will compete with the relatively more expensive Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy which both offer a fingerprint sensor for security and mobile payments.

Q2100’s mid-range price of US$219 could also disrupt the current market, forcing competing smartphone makers to launch their own mid-range device withs a fingerprint sensor.

Positioned on the back, the fingerprint sensor can be configured to allow up to three fingers to unlock the smartphone.

Using the password manager app LastPass, Q2100 users can also configure the sensor to gain single swipe access to their stored account passwords.

Unlike the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, Q2100’s fingerprint sensor does not support mobile payments.

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