iTouch Biometrics develops new solution for law enforcement

November 4, 2014 - 

iTouch Biometrics has announced Digital Major Case Prints, a solution that digitally captures friction ridge detail appearing on the palm and extreme sides of the palms as well as the joints, tips, and sides of the fingers.

Digital Major Case Prints is part of iTouch’s live print scanning system, Accurate-ID, which is FBI and State Police certified and used in law enforcement applications.

Digital Major Case Prints supports the FBI’s National Palm Print System, the national repository of palm print data taken from arrests. This allows for the scanning of suspects against latent palm print data left at crime scenes and a centralized national repository that includes felony crime suspects and homicide victims.

This replaces the ink or powder process still being used by most departments to capture Major Case Prints.

As noted in Biometric Update’s guide to palm print recognition, the ridge flow, ridge characteristics and ridge structure of palms have both uniqueness and permanence that can be used to identify an individual.

iTouch Biometrics recently announced that the Illinois State Police chose to upgrade all of the State Police booking systems with iTouch Biometrics’ equipment, cabinets and software.

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