Join us for a webinar about two-factor authentication with EyeVerify and Good Technology

November 10, 2014 - 

On Wednesday November 12 at 2:00 EST we’ll be co-hosting a webinar entitled “Debunking Biometric Myths: Moving Beyond Passwords to Empower Your Mobile Workforce” with EyeVerify and Good Technology.

Our panel of experts will address popular myths around biometrics and mobility. We will lead the conversation through password pain, two-factor authentication, security risks, user privacy and much more.

Biometrics often get overlooked as a modality reserved for the future. In this webinar we will discuss use cases across various market segments that are putting biometrics to work today.


Chris Barnett, EVP Global Sales & Marketing, EyeVerify

Eugene Liderman, Director of Public Sector in the Office of the CTO, Good Technology

Rawlson O’Neil King, Contributing Editor and Lead Researcher at

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