SpeechPro donates software and support to West Virginia University’s biometrics program

November 12, 2014 - 

Voice biometrics company SpeechPro is providing West Virginia University’s biometrics program with more than $25,000 in software and training services.

According to the company, WVU students will have access to SpeechPro software, which is known as one of the premiere professional voice recognition packages in the industry, and which is used in many real-world forensic and commercial applications. For instance, it is used by the Nepalese police department for forensic and voice identification, and its VoiceKey OnePass solution is used in various identity verification applications.

Tools within the SpeechPro software enhance help enhance the biometrics curriculum by allowing students to visually compare speech samples to more deeply understand the recognition process.

“The software from SpeechPro can provide students with some intuitive understanding of the speech signal processing,” Guodong Guo, assistant professor of computer science and electrical engineering at WVU, said in a statement. “It can also be used to teach students how to extract features for speech signal representation and how to compare the similarity between two speech signals with real examples in order to fight crime and identify terrorist activities.”

SpeechPro staff, which includes 28 PhDs, will be also be assisting with both instruction and use of the software.

The WVU research lab will also be provided SoundCleanerII, SISII and Easy Voice Biometrics audio forensic tools, helping it remain a leading hub for biometric research.

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